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What Are the Techniques Used in ABA Therapy?


In applied behavior analysis, therapists deliver a regimen that’s tailored to a child’s specific needs. Essentially, it seeks to break down desired actions into steps and reward the child for completing each step along the way.

ABA services in Acworth, Georgia, take shape in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstances. If this is something you’re interested in, we urge you to read on!

ABA Success (One Step at A time), a provider of ABA therapy services, we make it a point to share useful information with every family out there who is in need. As such, allow us to present some techniques under ABA therapy:

  • Discrete Trial Training:
    DTT entails employing the ABC technique in a one-on-one, controlled setting. The therapist uses this strategy by providing a cue, asking for the desired action, and rewarding it with positive reinforcement. This is effective for developing social and behavioral skills among children with Autism.
  • Modeling:
    Modeling entails displaying the desired behavior. The therapist may present an in-person, video, or audio sample of what the child is supposed to do. This is very helpful to increase social and communication skills.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System:
    PECS uses visuals to teach communication and vocabulary to children. The child shows the therapist an image of the desired object, and in return, the therapist provides what’s depicted in the picture. They continue to utilize this approach to transmit new words and sentences.

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