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What ABA Teaches Us in Dealing with Overstimulation

Have you been in a situation like this?

You are going on a walk with your child in the park. Both of you are feeling content, and there seems to be nothing upsetting going your way. Suddenly, a long parade passes by, and tons of people gather to watch. As you bring your child closer to join them, they slowly appear sulky or defiant. Eventually, they break down, and you have to take them away from the scene.

This may be a case of overstimulation. It’s a fairly common phenomenon among children, though it manifests thoroughly among those whose capacity to process information is affected, including children with autism.

ABA therapy services can teach us valuable things in dealing with this phenomenon. Namely, it can be managed by proactively parsing through the things that make your child overstimulated and creating strategies to help them manage it.

Whenever your child is experiencing overstimulation, first take them away from the overwhelming stimuli. Then, following the principles of applied behavior analysis, help them identify what they are feeling and what caused it. From there, you can then find ways to help them cope with the stimuli or avoid them, depending on how they can pace themselves. By doing this, you eventually build their capacity to better manage overstimulation episodes as they grow.

ABA Success (One Step at A Time) empowers families to be more involved in supporting children who need additional support for healthy development. Learn about our ABA services in Acworth, Georgia, by calling today.

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