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Looking Through the Lenses of ABA Therapy

AnABA treatment program uses our knowledge of how behavior works in real-life situations. All in all, the objective is to enhance beneficial behaviors while decreasing ones that are either negative or inhibit learning.

To grasp the idea behind ABA therapy services and to recognize its implications for your child, it’s important to first learn about its underlying concepts.

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So, how does behavior work? The 3 components listed below – the “A-B-Cs” – assist us in teaching and comprehending behavior:

  • Antecedent
    This happens just before the target behavior. An antecedent might originate from the environment, another person, or from within oneself (such as a thought or feeling).
  • Behavior
    This is the person’s reaction to the antecedent or lack thereof. It might be a physical movement, a vocal response, or something else entirely.
  • Consequence
    This follows immediately after the behavior. It might include either positive reinforcement of desired behavior or no reaction to incorrect/inappropriate behaviors.

The ABCs essentially explain why a behavior occurs and how different consequences may influence whether the act is likely to occur again. Both of which are critical components of ABA.

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