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Difficulties of People with Dyslexia


Learning difficulties in preschool years are normal but imagine experiencing difficulty in reading, writing, and speaking in adulthood. Difficult, right? Yes, because having Dyslexia is, indeed, difficult.

ABA Success (One Step at A time), your ABA Services in Acworth, Georgia, had been in the behavioral health industry for years dealing with different mental health problems, including learning disorders like Dyslexia.

Psychiatrists found these difficulties common in people who have Dyslexia:

  • Confusion with letters and words that appear similar.

    Although the spelling is different, they often interchange “was” with “saw”, for instance, because both words have the same set of letters. This happens because they have a phonological deficit or difficulty representing speech sounds. They can’t spell words having the same sound but with different spelling or those that don’t follow the phonic rules. They’re confused with directions like left and right as well.

  • Inability to recognize words at all.

    When they can’t access their visual memory, they won’t be able to recognize the information.

  • Slow in writing and reading.

    Their inability to easily recognize letters and match them into sounds hinder them from writing and reading at a pace under normal circumstances.

  • Difficulty copying.

    Learning disorders impede an individual’s ability to remember information. They can only remember a small portion of it when they’re copying. This results in inaccurate and incomplete reproduction.

Learning disabilities, especially Dyslexia, are complex by nature, but with the help of our ABA therapy services, these conditions can be gradually managed.

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