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Debunking Myths Regarding Intellectual Disabilities


Intellectual disability hinders a person from acquiring knowledge and skills needed to live independently and relate socially. Although the world is growing more interested in topics like this, numerous people are still believing in misinformation about intellectual disabilities.

As providers of ABA services in Acworth, Georgia, ABA Success (One Step at A time) feels the need to debunk some of these myths regarding intellectual disabilities.

  • People with intellectual disabilities are only capable of being happy.

    This is not true because just like neurotypical people, psychiatrists say that they can also be sad and angry. Avoid making fun of them because their condition makes it more difficult for them to properly manage their emotions.

  • Down Syndrome is the only cause of intellectual disability.

    Intellectual disabilities can also be caused by Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, which is a result of drinking alcohol during pregnancy, and Fragile X Syndrome, which is hereditary. The said conditions are addressed by our behavioral health care provider.

  • Intellectual disability is a product of the sins of the previous generations and the lack of faith.

    No research is supporting these claims, yet a lot of people still believe in them.

  • Intellectual disability makes one uninterested in sex.

    This is incorrect because although some people with intellectual disabilities are asexual, others are capable of sexual expression. The problem lies in the lack of sexual education.

Indeed, there’s a lot we don’t know about intellectual disability, and the unawareness of this condition makes it difficult for us to help people who have them. To ascertain that they’re getting the appropriate help, we encourage them to try our ABA therapy services.

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