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Unraveling the Possible Determinants of ASD


Scientists and Psychiatrists cannot determine the primary cause of Autism due to its complexity. Cases of Autism vary from one another. However, Autism manifests due to a combination of these causes.

Genetic mutations have been the most profound cause of ASD. Scientists found different genetic mutations and combinations of these mutations in numerous cases. However, many didn’t firmly believe this claim due to instances of genetically mutated individuals who do not manifest ASD and vice versa. There were inconsistencies, but scientists were confident that genetic mutations could determine the specific type of ASD, its mildness or severity, and the individual’s increased susceptibility.

Genes and one’s environment are also interrelated. When influenced by environmental factors like contact with chemicals that cause Autism, a person with increased susceptibility to ASD will most likely acquire it. Other biological factors to be considered are problems with brain connectivity, abnormal growth of specific brain areas, energy production, and breakdown of the immune system that protects the body from infections.

Albeit the limited knowledge of our hardworking scientists to unravel the primary cause of ASD, their efforts in innovating to alleviate and manage its symptoms remained consistent, which is what we prioritize in ABA Success (One Step at A time)Psychiatrists , your pediatricians in Georgia.

We continuously conduct experiments, acquire knowledge through seminars, and do further research so we can manage ASD in children as behavioral health care providers.

This ABA services in Acworth, Georgia, has a roster of mental health practitioners specializing in consultation, community integration, and applied behavior analysis, among others, to cater to the needs of children with ASD.

We prioritize ABA therapy services utilizing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to help children with Autism learn socially acceptable behaviors. Book an appointment with us now!

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