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Signs You Need to Meet a Specialist for Your Child


The symptoms of autism can show differently for each child. Because if this, parents don’t typically spot the signs in time for early treatment.

But thanks to the advancement of studies, we now have a list of some symptoms that should raise red flags if you are concerned about your little one’s development.

ABA Success (One Step at A time) is here to enumerate some of these so you have a reference to help you relay your concerns during your child’s ABA Consultation.

Now, children develop at wildly different paces. But it is also understandable that you worry about your little one’s growth. Here are some symptoms to look out for before calling up your child’s Pediatricians in Georgia:

  • Not responding to when their name is being called
    Social interaction is something many children with autism struggle with. Autistic individuals prefer to live in their own world. So they can come off as “ignoring you” rudely, but that’s not really the case.
  • Lack of eye-contact
    Another frustrating things parents encounter with children who have autism is the lack of eye contact. But this can be practiced through ABA Therapy Services. As parents often worry, we will be there and help with this.
  • Struggles to understand feelings, tone of voice, and facial expressions of others
    If your child has trouble understanding facial expressions and speech, they may have communication problems. But that doesn’t make it the end of the world. This is another skill that can be honed and developed through therapy.

While we did list down a few common signs that your child might have autism, having some of these signs present doesn’t mean that your child definitely has ASD.

If you are worried, just give our ABA Services in Acworth, Georgia a call at 770-508-0686 to get in touch.

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