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Debunking Myths About Applied Behavior Analysis


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is founded on the notion that behavior can be modified by reinforcing good actions and decreasing unfavorable ones. ABA therapy is a widely used treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental challenges.

While this has been demonstrated to be effective across all ages, it is best when given as an early intervention. However, many parents may be discouraged to opt for an ABA treatment program due to the many misconceptions that are associated with it. This is one of the many issues that we strive to address.

Hoping to encourage more parents to seek ABA therapy services for their little ones, allow us at ABA Success (One Step at A time) to debunk popular myths about them.

These are as follows:

  • ABA therapy isn’t backed by science.
    ABA has been shown in several studies to be a successful therapy for people with Autism. The U.S. Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association both endorse ABA as a recommended practice for children and adults with ASD.
  • ABA therapy encourages people to bribe children.
    People commonly confuse the concepts “bribe” and “reinforcement.” A reinforcer is given after a positive behavior to encourage the favorable behavior to occur again in the future. Bribes, on the other hand, are usually connected with bad conduct and are given before the behavior takes place.
  • ABA only addresses behavioral issues.
    While ABA treatment can address negative behaviors, it also emphasizes strengthening daily living skills and social abilities.

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