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Children with Autism: Tips to Tackle Mealtime Troubles


Any parent would attest to the fact that mealtimes are rather difficult. In the case of children with Autism, however, these can be magnified due to the certain challenges that they have.

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With that being said, here are a few tips that we as a trusted provider of ABA therapy services advise, to tackle mealtime troubles:

  • Prioritize:

    Too frequently, parents attempt to address all mealtime habits at the same time. That is a mistake that will result in both children and parents being overwhelmed and giving up. Families should instead determine their main goal one at a time and prioritize it.

  • Meet Your Child Where They Are:

    If your child isn’t eating any of the things you put in front of them, setting a goal of them cleaning their entire plate wouldn’t be fair. Parents must set appropriate expectations for their children, beginning with meeting them where they are now.

  • Consistent, Persistent, and Patient:

    Keep in mind that most children, and even adults, require many exposures to a new food before deciding whether or not they like it. So being persistent and patient is key.

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