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Training adults on better ABA support for their child’s advantage

ABA Success believes that parents/ caretakers have a crucial role in the development and progress of the child. Emphasis is given to understanding and practicing ABA principles and procedures to reduce problem behaviors and increase correct responses. Emphasis is placed on critical skills. This lays the foundation for skills acquisition in a more generalized way. With the family culture as a backdrop, socially acceptable behaviors can be more readily practiced and measured for long-term effects.

Some examples of what our parent training can address are social skills training in the home and community. Some examples are safety skills, socially acceptable behaviors, daily living skills (hygiene, self-management), following directions, self-management of academic schedules, visual schedules, fine and gross motor skills, etc.

ABA Success believes community integration and adaptation by teaching socially acceptable behaviors in different settings are keys for success. Some examples for which parent training can help in community integrations include medical care in medical facilities, stores, parks, dentist’s clinics, community functions, movie theaters, staying in the seat in the car, staying with parents in public, getting haircuts, attending a function with other children, etc.

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