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Types of Behavioral Therapy That Your Child May Need


There are different types of therapy that are used to treat autism. And listed below are the following:

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
    ABA Therapy Services is one of the well-known types of therapy for autism that helps children develop new skills with positive reinforcement. The kinds of behavior that can be improved through this therapy include social skills, communication, and self-care.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Children with autism may find it hard to complete their daily living activities. With OT, they will receive a personalized program in which they will be assisted in doing their personal care tasks.
  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding
    You may find it a weird type of therapy but therapeutic horseback riding lessons can actually help improve your child’s gross and fine motor movements, as well as their emotional regulation.

If you are looking for a reliable Behavioral Health Care Provider, then we are the ones you can trust.

Here at ABA Success (One Step at A time), we provide exceptional ABA Services in Acworth, Georgia dedicated to providing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to serving children with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. Our focus lies in replacing challenging behaviors with socially accepted behaviors.

If you would like to know more about our programs and meet with our Pediatricians in Georgia, please feel free to give us a call so we can answer any of your concerns and inquiries.

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